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Concierge Services

Peace of mind while you’re away!

Property Services

Preparation of residence for lengthy departure/dormancy

Services Include:

  • Unplug appliances and turn off water (e.g., washing machine/dryer, water heater), turn off water to toilets; reset thermostats (A/C and heater) and humidistat for absentee settings; unplug unnecessary electrical items; set light timers; remove all garbage; empty and clean refrigerator of perishables; empty and clean ice maker; close all window coverings; turn off breaker to water heater; secure all outdoor furniture; ensure all doors and windows are locked and secure
  • Kitchen: Remove perishables from refrigerator, run/empty dishwasher, empty and turn off ice-maker

Preparation of residence for owner arrival

Services Include:

  • Turn all water back on, plug in all appliances; turn on ice maker; air out the house; clean and prepare toilets; stage outdoor furniture
  • Kitchen:  Shop for groceries; prepare homecoming meal

Storm Preparedness Services

Ensure the security of the property (locking all doors/windows); Moving outside furniture inside or to garage; securing storm/hurricane shutters; pre and post storm inspection; visual inspection of pool cage damage, visible leaks inside and outside

Maintenance and Extra Services

Service Include:

  • House / Driveway Pressure Washing
  • Minor Home Repairs (Sprinkler Repair, water leaks, toilet repairs, etc.)
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Auto Maintenance / Preparation
  • House Sitting Services (Maintenance, Construction Supervision, etc.)
  • Home Sentry – Consistent Home Checks for Security, potential Mold or Mildew concerns, A/C and humidistat, Pool, Lawn, etc.
  • Auto Sentry – provide regular checks to ensure car is in peak operational condition (battery check, fluids, wash/wax, etc.)
  • House Sitting Services (Maintenance, Construction Supervision, etc.)
  • Food Shopping/Preparation Services
  • Miscellaneous Errand Services